Available IUE NEWSIPS data for WD2331-475 ( REJ2334-471 )

(The links in the SWP Number column (or File column for co-added spectra) will generate a request form for the data from that spectrum.)

SWP NumberApertureDateExp (sec)C/BShift (mA)ObserverStatus
44778L1992 May 2526399155/91+124.2SionZ
47877L1993 Jun 1623399124/93-Barstow/SionNS
47964L1993 Jun 2623700136/96-VennesNS
47974L1993 Jun 2722500139/94-VennesZ
47993L1993 Jun 2825200145/100+44.3HolbergZ
48186L1993 Jul 2023399183/95-121.6VennesZ
48514L1993 Aug 3123399150/77-20.2VennesZ
48522L1993 Sep 123700151/94-34.7VennesZ

Co-added spectra: