Available IUE NEWSIPS data for WD2309+105 ( GD246 )

(The links in the SWP Number column (or File column for co-added spectra) will generate a request form for the data from that spectrum.)

SWP NumberApertureDateExp (sec)C/BShift (mA)ObserverStatus
17010L1982 May 2124000193/106-2.1BasriZ
46544L1992 Dec 2021900170/93+8.2Vennes/ChayerZ
46546L1992 Dec 2124300174/94+5.5Vennes/ChayerZ
46560L1992 Dec 2225500210/119-11.4Vennes/ChayerZ
46723L1993 Jan 1322200166/95+46.2VennesZ

Co-added spectra: