Available IUE NEWSIPS data for WD1202+608 ( F55 )

(The links in the SWP Number column (or File column for co-added spectra) will generate a request form for the data from that spectrum.)

SWP NumberApertureDateExp (sec)C/BShift (mA)ObserverStatus
31178L1987 Jun 1726700116/185-6.9GreenZ
49841L1994 Jan 1720097207/147+21.2HolbergZ
49844L1994 Jan 1822800235/182-10.6HolbergZ
49859L1994 Jan 2119500242/189+0.2HolbergZ
50171L1994 Mar 624000156/90-2.0TweedyZ
53873L1995 Feb 924000157/100-14.5HolbergZ
53930L1995 Feb 1724600178/120+5.1HolbergZ
54495L1995 Apr 2422197159/92+11.8HolbergZ

Co-added spectra:

f55_stl.fitscoadded in the stellar rest frame (Holberg 1995a)
feige55.fitscoadded in the interstellar frame