Available IUE NEWSIPS data for WD0232+035 ( F24 )

(The links in the SWP Number column (or File column for co-added spectra) will generate a request form for the data from that spectrum.)

SWP NumberApertureDateExp (sec)C/BShift (mA)ObserverStatus
16292L1982 Feb 825200235/113+22.4RaymondZ
18216L1982 Oct 59899130/51+14.0BruhweilerZ
20614L1983 Aug 510800133/52-3.5DupreeZ
23474L1984 Jul 1914400163/60+42.6DupreeZ
25163S1985 Feb 318600183/107+41.2RaymondZ
42084L1991 Jul 1721600191/56+48.4VennesZ
42089L1991 Jul 1822080196/61+34.4VennesZ
42095L1991 Jul 1922200255/61+20.8VennesZ
42105L1991 Jul 2025500209/67+43.5VennesZ
42128L1991 Jul 2622200203/62+40.4VennesZ
52127L1994 Sep 1510800117/62-43.5VennesZ
52128L1994 Sep 159000103/53-37.7VennesZ
52156L1994 Sep 1910800116/54-42.0VennesZ
52157L1994 Sep 19720088/32+8.4VennesZ

Co-added spectra:

f24_csm.fitscoadded in the frame of the system gamma velocity
f24_stl.fitscoadded in the stellar rest frame (Vennes and Thorstensen 1994)
feige24_ism.fitscoadded in the insterstellar frame