Available IUE NEWSIPS data for WD0050-332 ( GD659 )

(The links in the SWP Number column (or File column for co-added spectra) will generate a request form for the data from that spectrum.)

SWP NumberApertureDateExp (sec)C/BShift (mA)ObserverStatus
18289L1982 Oct 1424000163/98-8.8BasriZ
28384L1986 May 2722200180/100-10.0BruhweilerZ
52116L1994 Sep 1420096129/84+2.0HolbergZ
52129L1994 Sep 1520096138/89+23.5HolbergZ
52137L1994 Sep 1720996132/84-2.7HolbergZ

Co-added spectra: